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All packages include the photoshoot


Silver - $500

Low-Res Digital Download


Gold - $800

Low-Res Digital Download

1 set of 3 Mini Books

20 4x6 Prints

4 5x7 Prints

4 8x10 Prints


Platinum - $1200

Hi-Res Digital Download

2 sets of 3 Mini Books

20 4x6 Prints

8 8x10 Prints

2 11x17 Prints

1 16x20 Print


Year of Milestones - $2200

4 Shoots on Location or in the Studio

Hi-Res Digital Download of Each Session

2 sets of 3 Mini Books

13x10 Hardcover Book

$300 Print Credit


sitting fee is non-refundable

8.25% sales tax will be added to all packages



A la Carte:



Digital Downloads:


Low-Res: $250

The low-res images will print up to 4x6.

It's a great way to email friends or post

on Facebook!


High-Res: $350

The high-res images will print up to 8x10.


Super-Hi-Res: $500

The super-hi-res images will print up to 16x20





Mini Books: $75

Each order has 3 books

They are the perfect size to fit in your wallet.


Coffee Table Books: $ Varies

The books come in a variety of sizes.

All of the books have a hard or soft cover with your favorite image!




4x6 $10

5x7 $20

8x10 $45

11x17 $80

13x19 $110

16x20 $150

20x30 $250

30x40 $350



Digital Files

4x6 $15

8x10 $30

16x20 $50


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